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Make your visit a memorable one by getting closer to the nature. Why not try Natasya Resorts? Be prepared for a lovely sight of extraordinary flowers you won't see flourishing elsewhere in Malaysia! Drive up as high as 1,628 meters above sea-level to get here among the peaks of the main range of Peninsular Malaysia and enjoy temperatures as low as 16°C.

See how the locals live, visit the local markets, butterfly parks, strawberries park and even enjoy an evening tea at BOH Plantation. Bring your families and gathered with nature! Natasya Resort (Cameron Highlands) is ideal for family holidays and group getaways for people of all ages.

Place of Interest This beautiful place provides a welcome retreat from the madness of city living and heat of the tropics. Each year, the Cameron Highlands attracts countless tourists and visitors from all over the world who come to appreciate its natural beauty and charming lifestyle. The wonders of nature and cultural richness of the highlands combine to provide an unforgettable experience for anyone willing to visit this amazing destination in Malaysia. Don't miss out on the chance of a lifetime to discover the Cameron Highlands with us!

Cameron Highlands have a wide range of places to go and explore that will provide strangely satisfying memories. For local visitors, the attractions lie in the opportunity to experience continental living in the places they visit, while for international tourists, the charm of Cameron Highlands may come more from the nature heritage and serene environment as well as the rustic living of a highland town.

Sights, Attractions, Places of Interest and Outdoor Adventure Travel Activities

There are many sights and things to do in Cameron Highlands. You could plan for simple activities or some vigorous outdoor adventure. Though it might not be possible to visit all the places of interest if you only have a few days and a couple of nights. Since most of us city folks can usually spare only a limited time to unwind on a vacation trip. So pick out a few places that interest you or choose your favourite outdoor adventure location or some milder activities.

1. Rose Center and Rose Valley
Rose Center would be considered the biggest rose growing center with over a hundred varieties of roses growing on terraced ground.
2. Cactus Valley
The Cactus Valley boasts of having the most variety of cactus plants. Some cactus is as old as 60 years old!
3. Butterfly Gardens
Entering the enclosure, one can experience having a rabble of butterflies fluttering all around you. If you smell right, they might just want to cling to your shirt!

4. Honey Bee Apiary Farms
There are various honey bee farms apiaries in Cameron Highlands, a small cottage industry producing honey.
5. Tringkap Bee Farm Museum
Want to have a closer look at the honey bee hive and do so safely? Then visit the Cameron Tringkap Bee Farm in Tringkap, Cameron Highlands.
6. Multicrops Central Market
Find many things under one roof in Multicrops Central Market. This is like a one-stop centre to look for all the various items that are sold in Cameron Highlands.

7. Agrotechnology Park
One stop botanical garden centre as tourist can come to a single place to look for strawberries, apples, pears, persimmons, roses, anthuriums and citrus fruits.
8. Public Golf Course Club
This course is described as an 18-hole par-71 golf course with undulating fairways, a meandering stream and tricky greens.
9. Outdoor adventure jungle walks
Trails range from the simple to the very challenging. Only basic sketch maps of trails with route numbered accordingly are available.

10. Jungle Trail List
What are the things to do in Cameron Highlands? Let's go jungle walking!
11. Tea Plantations
One of the best travel destinations place to relax in Cameron Highlands is sipping tea, having some scenes to go with it. What better place to go about doing it at the tea plantation itself!
12. Trail to Gunung Brinchang
At 2032 meters, Gunung Brinchang is the highest peak that is accessible by road in Malaysia. It is also the highest peak around the Cameron Highlands area.

13. Camping at Gunung Brinchang
There are two camping sites. The Sungai Pauh Camp site is located at the Forestry Department (Pejabat Hutan) and the other at the peak of Gunung Brinchang.
14. Galleria Time Tunnel
The galleria has collected as much antiques and paraphernalia as they could find related to Cameron Highlands stretching way back to the early beginnings.
15. Organic Farming
Only a handful of farms in Cameron Highlands are growing vegetables using organic farming method.

16. Taman Sedia
Taman Sedia is where you can experience some good old Malay cultural.

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